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The experience of seeing Roshonmon is like viewing a world through a fractured kaleidoscope, in which stories, meanings, motivations are continually undone and rewoven before my eyes, making me feel dizzy, confused and even a little bit nauseous. Although a black-white film, I see various colors as those protagonists describing the same crime as turning red, then yellow, now blue…

Korosawa is a compassionate director who does not ruthlessly “abandon” his viewers in the chaotic and destructive world of the kaleidoscope. At the end of the film, he kindly provides us a tiny keyhole, from which we see the woodcutter carrying the baby and walking towards us. Even though it’s just a small peek trough a tiny keyhole, we can see a light of hope penetrating through it. Up to this point, it does not matter whether we can find the key and open this door to see the whole picture. Hopefully, the final shots are sufficient to guide us, as we emerge from the dark cinema and return into our world of shadow and light.